Insert a new master

A new slide-title master pair is inserted when you apply a new design template to one or more slides in your presentation. If you use the Apply to All Slides command to apply the design template, it replaces the current slide-title master pair.

If you apply a design template with a choice other than Apply to All Slides, you will create an additional slide-title master pair, so that your presentation will contain multiple masters.

You can also manually insert a new master by doing one of the following:

  • Click the Insert New Slide Master or Insert New Title Master button on the Slide Master View toolbar.
  • Choose Insert → Slide Master or New Title Master.
  • Right-click a master thumbnail and choose Insert New Slide Master or Insert New Title Master.
  • Choose Insert ? Duplicate Slide Master. A new slide master is inserted that is a duplicate of the selected slide master. If the selected master is part of a slide-title master pair, then both masters are duplicated.
  • Paste a master or slide into the master preview thumbnails on the left. If you paste a slide, the master on which that slide is based is inserted (not the slide itself).
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