The Importance of Giving Feedback to Microsoft and How to Do it Right

The Importance of Giving Feedback to Microsoft and How to Do it Right

On our sister site,, IT/Dev Connections speaker, Nash Pherson, has an excellent article posted that I believe is extremely important to highlight.

Over the years I've learned one important thing about Microsoft, and that is how hungry the company is for product feedback. Microsoft has dedicated resources and strung up technologies to provide opportunities for customers to voice concerns, submit bugs, and give feedback. All content provided is actively addressed and though Microsoft may never address the situation in the exact way you think best or in the timeframe you hope for, they will act on it. There are many, many inner product workings that sometimes prohibit quick turnarounds, but suggestions are still shelved for future updates. Microsoft has always been good about providing customer wants and desires. People blast Microsoft on many fronts, including feedback, but in light of the company's aggressive stance on connecting with customers to ensure products meet their needs, the complainers really have no grounds in this area. Some people just like to complain and can find issues even in the most positive situations, like Eeyore on steroids.

In Nash's post, he walks through the importance of utilizing the Microsoft Connect web site, why it's important to offer feedback, what happens with the feedback, and also how to be successful in getting your feedback observed and addressed. He also gives examples of open feedback as template.

You can read the post here: Giving Feedback on Microsoft Connect for ConfigMgr 2012: Help Yourself, Help the Community

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