I'm unable to perform a download only of IE 5.5 in Windows 2000.

A. Due to the Windows 2000 file protection feature a download only of IE 5.5 will not work.

To work around this perform the following:

  1. Goto http://www.msdn.microsoft.com/downloads/webtechnology/ie/iepreview.asp
  2. Click your language download, e.g. English
  3. Select 'Save this program to disk' and click OK
    Click here to view image
  4. Select a download location and click Save
  5. Once the download has finished (around 500KB) start a command session (cmd.exe) and move to the directory the file was download to
  6. Type the following:
    ie5setup /c:"ie5wzd.exe /d /s:""#E"""
  7. Download away.

Optionally for step six you can add /q to perform a quiet download which will download the files for the current operating system. You can optionally change the /d to /d:1 which will download files for ALL operating systems, you can't download a specific OS installation.

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