I'm studying for my MCSE in Windows 2000. Because the exams contain overlapping subject matter, I've decided to finish the courses, then take all the tests in one or two days. Is this a good idea?

A. In some situations, such as in boot camps, you can take several tests in a short period of time. But in general, try to focus on only one test at a time. Why? The main reason is that you'll waste $100 if you fail. You'll eventually fail a test and need to take it over. On the older Microsoft tests, you received an analysis of how well you did in each category, so you would know which areas needed work. But the new tests give only the total score. If you fail a Windows 2000 test, you'll want to be able to remember the questions and topics that stumped you and be ready the next time in case you see those or similar questions again. Recalling the questions will be tough if you took several tests in one day. Some of the Windows 2000 tests are up to 240 minutes long. That's an exhausting test schedule. After you're finished and thoroughly disoriented, you'll be happy to be able to find your car in the parking lot and drive home.

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