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Illuminate the Server Closet with the Modus 1

The Icon Modus 1 is a tough, nimble, aesthetically cool little flashlight that's perfect for the IT guy poking around a dimly lit server room. This white polymer beauty fits perfectly in the hand, giving yModus1ou easy thumb-control of power and brightness. Powered by a single AA battery, the Modus 1 puts out modest power, but it really makes the most of its illumination with its brilliantly designed double-LED optics system.

What I like most about the Modus 1 is its generously wide output, particularly when contrasted with the focused beam of a traditional flashlight. I used the Modus 1 in the very scenario an IT pro might use it: cabling a computer in a darkened area. The flashlight proved indispensable, laying out a wide, cool swath of illumination so that I could see the entire area.

The soft push-button power control at the bottom of the Modus 1 takes some gettin g used to, but it has a nice feel to it. Sealed with rubber O-rings, this thing is even waterproof. It's a fine tool to add to your toolbelt, for those situations when you need to shed a little (or a lot) of light on the subject. You can purchase the Modus 1 (and the heftier Modus 2) at the company website.

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