I See Resources in Your Immediate Future

In preparation for the April Fool's contest we're running in the April 2008 print magazine, I wrote a hilarious column about how Microsoft was exploring and dabbling with open source. Late in February, I found out that my story was actually true and that I, your savvy assistant, am actually psychic. To tell the truth, it didn't come as a surprise. :)

My realization of my clairvoyance (and the need to completely rewrite my column) couldn't have come at a better time: Just after Microsoft's announcement, I also psychically foretold that reader Robert Singer needed more Windows Server 2003 content in our magazine. OK, fine--he wrote us a letter about it (see April 2008 [email protected]), but I totally would have guessed it if he hadn't! While we work on adding more Windows Server 2003 articles, here's just a taste of content we've already published that you might have missed:

"What's Windows Server 2003?" InstantDoc ID 38027
"Windows Server 2003 Features," InstantDoc ID 37606
"Windows 2003: Active Directory Administration Essentials"

Windows Server 2003 forum
"What are the Windows Server 2003 forest modes?" InstantDoc ID 41929
"How can I install a Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services licensing server?" InstantDoc ID 49867
"Understanding Windows Server 2003's Local Security Settings," InstantDoc ID 41279

For more resources or for your fortune, email me at [email protected]

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