I get print banners and confirmations through CSNW even though they are deselected, what can I do?

A. After I installing SP5 on my NT4.0 you may start to get "print banner" and "notify when printed" even though you have deselected them in CSNW tool.

The solution to this is simply to replace nwprovau.dll in the system32 folder with the one from SP4.

1. The file may be in use by Windows. But just end Explorer.exe. Start Task Manager and start Cmd.exe. Rename the file. Click New Task run Explorer.exe to show the desktop again.

2.If you created an uninstall folder for SP5 and your uninstall folder contains Service Pack 4, locate the Nwprovau.dll file in the WinNT\$ntservicePackUninstall$ folder, and then copy the file to the WinNT\System32 folder.

3.If you did not create an uninstall folder for SP5, locate the Service Pack 4 CD-ROM and copy the Nwprovau.dll file from the I386 folder on the CD-ROM to the WinNT\System32 folder.

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