I am unable to connect to the server using the Mac Outlook client, why?

A. The first point is you can't use WINS with a Mac. (unless you use a third party product, e.g. http://www.thursby.com/)

If you utilize Exchange, The connection to the Exchange server needs the resolved name of the IP address. You will need to enter the IP address for the name of your Exchange server instead of the name. It is also possible to use the Appletalk Protocol to connect to the Exchange server. Select your choice in the OL Setup.

If you utilize a Internet Providers EMAIL (POP), then enter the Internet Providers POP and SMTP servers IP address instead of the name. Replace mail.myserver.net with xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (ip address of server).

This is because outlook supports an older version of Socks than Proxy server. The older version of Socks does not support DNS or named servers. There are ways to get around this but are far more complicated than just entering the ip address of the server.

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