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How to Fragment an NTFS Partition

Diskeeper's Fragmentation Monitor lets you demonstrate the fragmentation of an NT File System (NTFS) partition. Try one of the following formulas:

Formula 1:

  1. After you load Diskeeper, create an 82MB NTFS partition and format it.
  2. Start the Fragmentation Monitor.
  3. Drag the WINNT35 directory into the new 82MB partition.
  4. Delete the SYSTEM32 subdirectory from this partition.
  5. Copy the WINSERV.DLL file from your original SYSTEM32 subdirectory into the new partition. (Note that you will be copying a 1.75MB file into a partition with more than 70MB of free space.)
  6. Observe what happens on the Fragmentation Monitor.
  7. Delete WINSERV.DLL from the new partition, and then copy it in again.
  8. Observe the results.
  9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 as often as you like. The results will be different each time.

Formula 2:
Compress a couple of your directories, or uncompress a couple of previously compressed directories. Either action will create fragmentation.

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