How do I setup an Exchange forward?

A. A forward can be configured in a number of places. The first place is at the Exchange server:

  1. Start the Exchange Administrator program
  2. Select the Recipients folder of the site, e.g. Operations\Recipients
  3. From the File menu select 'New Custom Recipient'
  4. Select 'Internet Address' (to forward to an Internet address) and click OK
  5. Enter the E-mail address, e.g. [email protected] and click OK
  6. You will then be shown the normal recipient dialog where you can enter a name etc. The option to set an NT account will not be shown. Once you have entered all details click OK

People will now be able to send mail to this person and it will be forwarded accordingly.

You could also in Exchange Administrator setup a Custom Recipient (as above), then in the Delivery Options for your mailbox set an Alternate Recipient which points to the Custom Recipient that you just created. Select the "Deliver messages to both recipient and alternate recipient" checkbox. In the properties for the custom recipient you can select the option to hide it from the address list.

Other options that can be done at the client end include

  • Use the "Inbox Assistant"
  • Use the "Out Of Office" Assistant
  • Use the Rules Wizard

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