How do I remove Windows95/Dos from my NT system?

A. The procedure below should be used on systems with Windows95 and/or DOS installed, however be aware it is sometimes good idea to have a small DOS installation for use with hardware setup etc. Before you start this make sure you have an up-to date ERD (rdisk -s) and the 3 NT installation disk (winnt32 /ox) just in case :-)

  1. Modify the attributes on boot.ini to allow the file to be edited
    attrib c:\boot.ini -r -s
  2. Using Notepad (or another test editor open c:\boot.ini and remove the lines for DOS and/or Windows95 from the \[operating systems\] section, e.g. the lines to remove may be
    c:\="MS DOS 6.22"
    c:\bootsect.622="MS DOS 6.22"
    c:\="Windows 95"

    Lines to avoid removing are structured like
    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINNT="Windows NT Workstation Version 4.00"
  3. Save the file, and put back the file attributes
    attrib c:\boot.ini +r +s
  4. If you are removing DOS then delete the DOS tree structure
    deltree c:\dos
  5. If you are removing Windows95 then delete the Windows 95 tree structure ** Make sure it is not the same directory as NT is installed in, this is very unlikely however **
    deltree d:\window95
  6. You will also need to remove applications that were only installed for use with Windows 95/DOS, e.g. programs under Program Files, however NT will also install applications in this directory so be careful.
  7. DOS and Windows95 place a number of files on the boot partition that can be deleted, e.g.
    - autoexec.bat
    - config.sys
    - IO.SYS
    - bootlog.txt
    It will probably be safer to copy them somewhere before deleting them and just check NT boots OK. You may need to set them to be deletable using
    attrib <file> -r -h -s
    You can basically delete all files at the base of the boot partition except
    - boot.ini
    - ntldr
    - ntbootdd.sys (for SCSI systems)
    Which are needed for NT startup
  8. Reboot the machine and Windows95/DOS are now removed

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