How do I monitor an Exchange link?

A. It is possible to install link connectors which can be configured to perform a number of actions in the event of a link failure.

  1. Start the Exchange Administrator program
  2. Select the Monitors folder of the Configuration folder of the site
  3. From the File menu select 'New Other' - 'Link Monitor'
  4. Under the General tab you must enter a Directory Name which is a 64 character name identifying the monitor, a Display Name which will be shown in the Exchange Administrator application, a log file specified and how often the link should be checked (polled).
    Click here to view image
  5. Under the Notification tab you can add notification methods such as an e-mail, start a process or write an event log by clicking the 'New' button. You will also have the opportunity to test the method specified by clicking the Test button. Click OK to the notification dialog box.
  6. Under Servers you should select the Servers to Monitor in the left hand box and click Add, they will then be shown in the 'Monitor Server' area.
  7. The Recipients tab is used with non-Exchange servers that support "mail bounce" whereby a mail is sent to the server and a reply is expected back.
  8. The Bounce tab allows the times considered reasonable for a round trip.
  9. Once happy click OK

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