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How do I install TCP/IP

A. Below are the instructions on installing non-DHCP clients:

  1. Start the Network Control Panel Applet (Start - Settings - Control Panel - Network)
  2. Click the Protocols tab and click Add
  3. Select TCP/IP Protocol and click OK
  4. You will be asked if there is a DHCP server on the Network, click NO for DHCP
  5. A number of files will be installed and the protocols will be re-binded, and you will be shown the TCP/IP configuration dialog
  6. Click the IP Address tab and enter the IP address and subnet mask. When you enter the IP address it will guess the subnet mask (however you may want to configure a subnet mask different from the Default).
  7. You can also configure DNS servers by clicking on the DNS tab and enter a Domain name (e.g. and a host name
  8. Click OK when finished and you have to reboot the machine

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