How do I install QOS support in Windows 2000?

A. There are two parts to getting QOS support in Windows 2000 as outlined below.

The first component we have to install to implement QOS is the packet scheduler and this is installed as follows:

  1. Right click on “Local Area Network” under Network and Dial-Up connections control panel applet
  2. Click the install button
  3. Select Service and click Add
  4. Select “QoS Packet Scheduler” and click OK
  5. QoS will now be listed as an installed service. Click Close

One thing to bear in mind that although a reboot of the machine is not required after installing the QoS service, it does reset all TCP/IP connections so make sure you are not doing anything important when installing the packet scheduler.

The next item is to actually install the QOS Admission Control Server (ACS) as follows:

  1. Start the Add/Remove Software control panel applet (Start – Settings – Control Panel – Add/Remove Software)
  2. Select ‘Add/Remove Windows Components’
  3. Select ‘Network Services’ and click Details
  4. Select ‘QoS Admission Control Service’ and click OK
    Click here to view image
  5. Click Next to the main component dialog
  6. A list of files to copy will be generated and the software installed
  7. Click Finish

The QoS packet scheduler is available on both Professional and Server Windows 2000 systems however the Access Control Service is only an option on Server. The QoS packet scheduler HAS to be installed on ALL clients that will be participating in QoS.

After installing the QoS ACS a new item will be added to the Administrative menu, the ‘QoS Admission Control’ MMC snap-in.

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