How do I install the NEC 4x4 CD changer?

A. NEC does not currently have drivers for NT 4.0, so the CDROM must rely on Microsoft's generic drivers. I've been able to get all four slots to read data correctly without any special tweaking; however, there are some annoyances that still remain.

  1. The changer cycles through all the slots that have disks in them if you open the Explorer. The only solution that I have found for this problem is to disable the Explorer's interface to the CDROM drives. This can be accomplished via TWEAKUI. You can still access the CDROM drive's contents by using the Run command on the start menu - just enter "Drive_Letter:\\" as the program to run.
  2. Lots of error messages appear in the Event Viewer whenever you reboot. Seems to be a symptom of not having a CDROM specific driver. I haven't seen any problems specifically related to this, so I just ignore it.
  3. The CD player won't recognize a new disk when I insert it. Again, all I have is a workaround. When a disk finishes playing, close the CD Player, then change disks. Wait a few seconds for the CD to be recognized by the changer, then re-open the CD player.
  4. I can't make NT treat all four slots as 1 CDROM drive. Another symptom of the lack of an NT driver. Nothing can be done about this until NEC gives us a real driver.

Create a shortcut that points to driveletter:\\ instead of using the run box and typing it in eases use of the drive.

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