How do I install Internet Information Server?

A. IIS 2.0 is supplied with Windows NT Server 4.0. It can be installed at the time you installed NT 4.0 by checking the "Install Microsoft Internet Information Server" box, alternatively it can be installed at a later time by performing the following

  1. Insert the NT 4.0 Server CD-ROM
  2. Run <CD-ROM>:\I386\Inetsrv\Inetstp.exe
  3. Close all currently programs and click OK to start the installation
  4. Select the services you want to install and click OK
  5. You will be asked for the publishing directories for FTP,WWW and Gopher. You can change or accept the defaults. Click OK to continue the installation
  6. If you selected to install ODBC drivers a dialog box showing SQL Server driver, click OK to continue
  7. A message will be displayed that the installation has finished. Click OK

Internet Information Server 3.0 is supplied on the Service Pack 2 CD-ROM and as part of Service Pack 3. It is supplied as an upgrade, so you must already have IIS 2.0 installed before applying the service pack.

Internet Information Server 4.0 is now supplied with Option Pack 4 and IIS 5.0 with Windows 2000!

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