How do I enable profiles on a Windows 9x machine?

A. By default all users of a Windows 9x machine share the same profile, however machines can be configured so that each logon name can have individual settings such as background, colours etc. To enable multiple profiles perform the following:

  1. Start the Passwords Control Panel applet
  2. Click the "User Profiles" tab
  3. Check the "Users can customize their preferences tab". You also have to the options to select additional:
    - Include desktop icons and Network Neighbourhood
    - Include Start menu and Program groups in user settings
  4. Click OK
  5. You will have to restart the computer

Once restarted when you logon for the first time as a user on the machine you will be given the option to retain options. Click Yes.

The profiles are stored in the C:\windows\profiles\ directory (or wherever windows is installed).

If you wanted to automate this process you could create a system policy using the Windows 9x policy editor

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