How do I enable advanced security for a user?

A. A. By default users do not have advanced security after GM server is installed. To enable for a user perform the following actions

  1. Start the Exchange Administrator program
  2. Select the site and select the Recipients container
  3. Double click on the mailbox who you want to enable advanced security for, e.g. Garfield
  4. Click the Security tab. You will be asked for your KM server password, only KM administrators can view the security tab, not just normal Exchange administrators. Enter the password and check the "Remember box" if you want to make multiple changes to mailboxes and don't want to retype the password everytime
  5. You will notice the current status is "Undefined". Click the "Enable Advanced Security" button
  6. A dialog will be shown with the temporary key or it will be mailed to the user depending on your options and configuration. Click OK

To allow the key to be sent via e-mail to the user perform the following:

  1. Start the Exchange Administrator Program
  2. Expand the sites and select Configuration
  3. Double click on CA
  4. Select the Enrollment tab
  5. Check the "Allow email to be sent to the user" box
  6. You can also change the welcome message that is sent by clicking "Edit Welcome Message"
  7. Click OK

Now notify the recipient to read their mail or give them the password and they should perform the following:

  1. Start the Outlook client
  2. Select Options from the Tools menu
  3. Select the Security tab
  4. In the "Secure email" area click "Change Settings"
  5. Click "Get a Digital ID" in the "Digital IDs" section
  6. Select "Set up Security for me on the Exchange Server" and click OK
  7. Enter the password and click OK
  8. Click OK to the confirmation dialog
  9. The client will then be sent a reply message. Open the message and click OK to all dialog boxes and then Yes to the installation of the Certificate.

Click here to view image
- Hmmm, looks like a year 2000 problem!

Options for which security to use, signing or encryption can be set using the Security tab of the clients Options dialog or on an individual message basis by clicking the Options button.

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