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How do I disable/enable ACPI on my machine during installation?

A. We saw in Q. How can I specify an alternate HAL during Windows 2000 installation? how to manually select an alternate HAL during installation but this can also be done via modifying a file during installation.

  1. After the text-mode phase of setup completes but before the GUI stage boot into an alternate installation (or via a boot disk/CD)
  2. Remote the read-only, hidden and system flags from the txtsetup.sif file
    C:\&gt; <b>attrib c:\txtsetup.sif -r -s -h</b>
  3. Edit the txtsetup.sif file and search for ACPIEnable=
  4. To force ACPI to be enabled change to
    To force ACPI to be disabled change to
  5. Save the file
  6. Reapply the attributes
    C:\&gt; <b>attrib c:\txtsetup.sif +r +s +h</b>
  7. Continue with the Windows 2000 setup wizard

You can also press F7 during installation to load a non ACPI HAL.

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