How do I create a queue to a Network Printer in Windows 2000?

A. If you have a printer that has its own network card and IP address such as a HP JetDirect card, you can create a queue to the device by following the instructions below

  1. Login as a member of the Administrators Group
  2. From the Start menu select Settings - Printers
  3. Double click 'Add Printer'
  4. Click Next to the Add Printer wizard introduction screen
  5. Select 'Local printer' and uncheck 'Automatically detect my printer'. Click Next
  6. The next screen asks for the port. Select 'Create a new port:' and select 'Standard TCP/IP Port'. Click Next
  7. The TCP/IP printer wizard will be started. Click Next
  8. Enter the IP address or DNS name of the printer (by default the port name will be IP_<IP/DNS name>). Click Next
  9. Click Finish to the port creation
  10. You will have to select the printer make and model. Click Next
  11. Enter a name for the printer (a default name will be displayed). Click Next
  12. Select to share the printer and a name for the share. Click Next
  13. Enter a Location of the printer and a comment (this is useful for people searching for printers using the Active Directory). Click Next
  14. Select to print a test page and if you want to install additional drivers for other clients (such as Windows 98). Click Next
  15. A summary will be shown. Click Finish

If the port on the printer is incorrect (i.e. for a JetDirect card it will use 9100 but the actual port is 9099 for an internal card) perform the following:

  1. Select Settings - Printers from the Start menu
  2. Right click on the network printer and select Properties
  3. Select the Ports tab
  4. Select the IP port and click 'Configure Port'
  5. Under the Raw Settings section you can change the port number. Click OK
  6. Click Close to the main properties dialog

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