How do I create public folders?

A. Public folders are administered/created using the 32-bit Exchange clients such as Exchange and Outlook.

To create a top-level public folder perform the following:

  1. Start the Exchange client
  2. From the View menu select "Folder List" if not already enabled
  3. Expand "Public Folders" and double click on "All Public Folders"
  4. From the File menu select New - Folder
  5. In the dialog enter a name and click OK
  6. You can also have an optional shortcut created on the Outlook bar at this point by clicking Yes to the "Add shortcut to Outlook Bar" dialog (if you have the Outlook Bar visible)

To create non-top level folders just select the folder that you wish to be the parent and select New - Folder from the File menu. You will then be able to name the sub-folder as with above.

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