How do I connect a Windows 95 to NT using a null modem cable?

A. A null modem cable can be used to connect a 95 and a NT machine together with one as the server, the other as the host.

If you use Windows NT as the server, start the RAS Server Service on the Windows NT computer and make sure the user who is connecting has RAS Dial- in permissions. The Windows 95 guest should connect using the Direct Cable Connect utility and should have their serial adapter configured for the same speed connection as the Windows NT computer. If you have 95 as the server configure the Windows NT computer with a Phonebook entry that uses the null modem 19200 speed (or whatever speed is set on the Windows 95 computer) and dial the Windows 95 computer.

Under Windows NT the serial cable device is installed/configured in the Modem utility in Control Panel and is listed under Standard Modem Types as "Dial-Up Networking Serial Cable between 2 PCs."

For Windows 95 the serial cable device is configured in the System utility in Control Panel. Click the Device Manager tab, double-click Modems, and then double- click Serial Cable On ComX (where 'x' is the COM port where your cable is attached.) Make sure the speed set here matches the speed of the Windows NT serial connection.

For a list of supported cables see

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