How do I connect Exchange sites?

A. If you configure multiple sites by installing new servers and entering a different site name (but the same organizational name) you can connect the sites using Exchanges built-in site connector. To connect sites using the built-in connector they must be able to communicate via RPC calls and to test this see Q. How can I check if servers can communicate via RPC's?. Many routes actually filter out RPC's so it is important you perform this test.

To add a connector between sites perform the following:

  1. Start the Exchange Administrator program on one of the servers (Start - Programs - Microsoft Exchange - Microsoft Exchange Administrator)
  2. You may need to choose a Exchange server to connect to
  3. Expand the server, expand the site name and finally expand Configuration
  4. Select Connections
  5. From the File menu select 'New Other' - 'Site Connector'
  6. Enter the name of the server that maintains the site you wish to connect to and click OK
  7. Information about the site that is hosted by the server and optional information can be entered. Once all details have been entered click OK. Information you may have to enter is in the Override tab which allows you to enter logon information for the connection if the sites are not in the same domain or part of a trust relationship.
  8. If there is no connection for vice-versa you will be asked if such a connection should be created

The connection will now be visible under the Connections tab.

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