How do  I configure remote debugging?

A. If you find you do not have the knowledge to debug a Windows NT problem you may need to get Microsoft to perform the debug for you, and in this scenario 3 computers will be involved, the computer at Microsoft, the host machine and the target.

The Microsoft machine will need to connect via RAS to either the host machine, or a computer on the same network, so one machine will need to run the RAS server service.

The configuration is the same as in the previous FAQ, except that on the host machine instead of entering the command I386KD.EXE the command

remote /s "I386KD -v" debug

where debug is the name of the session (this can be anything). At the Microsoft end once they had connected to the network they would enter the command

remote /c <computer name of the host> debug

again debug is the name of the session and must match that configured at the host machine.

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