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How do I configure Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005 to find computers to manage?

A. By default, MOM installs agents only on its own management servers--it won't find any other computers. To allow MOM to find other computers, perform these steps:

  1. Start the MOM 2005 Administrator Console (Start, Programs, Microsoft Operations Manager 2005, Administrator Console).
  2. Expand Administration, Computers, Computer Discovery Rules, as the figure shows.
  3. Right-click Computer Discovery Rules and select Create Computer Discovery Rule.
  4. Select the management server that will manage the computers that will be discovered. Set the "Rule type" to Include and enter the name of the domain in the "Domain name" box. (This name can be the Fully Qualified Domain Name--FQDN--of the NetBIOS; entering a domain name speeds up the computer discovery process.) Under "Computer name" select how the computers will be found (e.g., by exact name or containing a given substring). Under "Computer type" select whether to find servers and/or clients. The Initial Management Mode dictates how discovered computers will be handled: "Agent-managed" will automatically install the agent on discovered computers; "Agentless managed" will manage them without installing the agent; and Unmanaged will find the computer but won't attempt to manage it. If you want to find domain controllers (DCs), check the "Apply query criteria to domain controllers" as the figure shows. Click OK.
  5. Right-click Computer Discovery Rules and select Run Computer Discovery Now to find computers that match the new discovery criteria. After the computer discovery finishes, select the All Computers node under Administration, Computers, to view the computers. To confirm Computer Discovery ran use, the MOM 2005 Operator Console's Task Status node, which should show an event ID 9898 (Agent Install and Discovery Task) as the figure shows.

For more detailed information, expand Microsoft Operations Manager, Operations Manager 2005, Computer Discovery, Computer Discovery - summary events, and an event ID 21069 will show the number of computers that were discovered, as the figure shows.

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