How do I configure DHCP Server Service?

A. The DHCP Server Service is configured using "DHCP Manager" that is installed after the installation of the DHCP Server Service.

  1. Start DHCP Manager (Start - Programs - Administrative Tools - DHCP Manager)
  2. Double click "*Local Machine*"
  3. From the Scope menu select Create
  4. A dialog will be shown and following should be entered
    - Start Address, e.g.
    - End Address, e.g.
    this would mean the address to would be available
    - Subnet Mask, e.g.
    - Exclusion - start and end, e.g. and, would mean available addresses would and
    - Exclusion - just start is a single address, e.g.
    - Set lease duration, by default 3 days, however can be set to unlimited
    - Name - this is the name of the scope, e.g. "subnet 200.200.200"
    - Comment - anything you want
  5. Click OK
  6. A message that the Scope has been added, but is not active, would you like it to be active, click Yes.

Usually items such as DNS servers, WINS server etc will be configured on a global scale and this is also done using DHCP Manager

  1. Select the Scope, and select Global from the "DHCP Options" menu
  2. Select "06 DNS Servers" and click Add
  3. Click Value button
  4. Click Edit Array at the bottom
  5. Enter the IP address and click ADD, continue adding until all added
  6. Click OK to close the Edit Array dialog
  7. Select "15 Domain name" and click Add
  8. Select it and edit the string at the bottom, e.g.
  9. Click OK to exit

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