How do I change the Schema Master FSMO?

A. The FAQ What are the FSMO roles in Windows 2000? defines the Schema Master. To change the Schema Master Flexible Single-Master Operation (FSMO), you must use the Active Directory Schema Manager. First, register the .dll for the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in. Go to a command prompt, and enter

regsvr32 schmmgmt.dll

Then, use the Microsoft Windows 2000 Resource Kit’s Tools console to start the Schema Manager. Alternatively, create a custom MMC and add the Active Directory Schema snap-in to it. (From the Start menu, select Run, and enter


From the Console menu, select Add/Remove Snap-in. Click Add, and select Active Directory Schema. Finally, click Add, Close, OK.)

  1. Start the MMC Active Directory Schema snap-in on the domain controller (DC).
  2. In the leftmost pane, right-click Active Directory Schema, and select Change Domain Controller from the context menu.
  3. Enter the DC to connect to, as the Screen shows.

  4. Click here to view image

  5. Right-click Active Directory Domains Schema, and select Operations Master from the context menu.
  6. You’ll see the name of the machine that holds the domain name operations FSMO role, as the Screen shows.

  7. Click here to view image

  8. To make a change, click Change.
  9. To set the registry to allow changes to the schema, select the checkbox labeled The Schema may be modified on this server. (Notice in the example that the machine is already the Schema Master.)
  10. Click OK in the confirmation dialog box.
  11. Finally, you’ll see a dialog box confirming the role change.

You can also modify the role from the command line. (In the following code, enter the commands in bold.)

C:\&gt; <b>ntdsutil</b><br>
ntdsutil: <b>roles</b><br>
fsmo maintenance: <b>connections</b><br>
server connections: <b>connect to server <server name></server></b><br>
server connections: <b>quit</b><br>
fsmo maintenance: <b>transfer schema master</b>

Click Yes in the role-transfer dialog box. Then, enter the commands in bold in the following code.

Server "titanic" knows about 5 roles Schema - CN=NTDS Settings,CN=TITANIC,CN=Servers,CN=Default-First-Site-Name,CN=Sites,CN=Configuration,DC=savilltech,DC=com Domain - CN=NTDS Settings,CN=TITANIC,CN=Servers,CN=Default-First-Site-Name,CN=Sites,CN=Configuration,DC=savilltech,DC=com PDC - CN=NTDS Settings,CN=TITANIC,CN=Servers,CN=Default-First-Site-Name,CN=Sites,CN=Configuration,DC=savilltech,DC=com RID - CN=NTDS Settings,CN=TITANIC,CN=Servers,CN=Default-First-Site-Name,CN=Sites
,CN=Configuration,DC=savilltech,DC=com Infrastructure - CN=NTDS Settings,CN=TITANIC,CN=Servers,CN=Default-First-Site-Name,CN=Sites,CN=Configuration,DC=savilltech,DC=com<br><br>
fsmo maintenance: <b>quit</b><br>
ntdsutil: <b>quit</b>
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