How do I allow a user to administer Exchange?

A. A. When Exchange is installed the user who performs the installation is granted Exchange Administrator rights. To grant additional users the ability to administer Exchange perform the following:

  1. Logon as an Exchange administrator
  2. Start the Exchange Administrator program
  3. Select the site whose permissions you wish to modify
  4. From the File menu select Properties
  5. Click the Permissions tab
  6. Click Add and select the user (or group) to whom you wish to grant Exchange Admin rights
  7. Once usrs have been selected click OK. You now choose the role, e.g. "Permissions Admin" and click OK

The user (or group) will now have the granted rights to Exchange. You may want to create a group, e.g. Exchange Admins, grant this access in Exchange, then Add/Remove users to this group.

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