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How do I add a record to the DNS?

A. To add a record, for example TAZ with IP address perform the following on NT 4.0:

  1. Start the DNS Manager (Start - Programs - Administrative Tools - DNS Manager)
  2. Double click on the name of the DNS server to display the list of zones
  3. Right click on the domain, and select New Record
  4. Enter the name, e.g. TAZ and enter IP address. Select the record type. For adding a new host accept the default, record type A.
  5. If you have the Reverse Arpa zone configured and want the PTR record automatically added, make sure the Create Associated PTR record is checked
  6. Click OK

The procedure is basically the same on Windows 2000:

  1. Start the DNS MMC snap-in (Start - Programs - Administrative Tools - DNS)
  2. Expand 'Forward Lookup Zones' and select the DNS domain you wish to add a record to
  3. Right click on the DNS domain zone and select 'New Host' from the context menu
  4. Enter the name and IP address for the record and if you want a reverse pointer to be created.
    Click here to view image
  5. Click Add Host

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