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How can I stop print jobs writing to the System Log?

A. By default, Windows NT and Windows NT Advanced Server log every print job processed by the server in the System Log.

To stop this perform the following:

  1. Select Printers from the Settings Start menu folder (Start - Settings - Printers)
  2. From the File menu select Server Properties
  3. Select the Advanced Tab
  4. You can then select the events to log:
    - Log spooler error events
    - Log spooler warning events
    - Log spooler information events
  5. You have to restart the computer for the change to take effect.

Setting these values actually updates the registry entry which is a DWORD value. Each option has a value

Log spooler error events is 1
Log spooler warning events is 2
Log spooler information events is 4

You then add these numbers up for the combination you want, for example:

A value of 7 means log information, error and warning events.

A value of 3 means only log error and warning events.

You have probably noticed the 1, 2 and 4 is because it is just setting the relevant bit in the DWORD, so bit 1 is error, bit 2 warning and bit 3 information.

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