How can I check/replace incompatible Windows 2000 printer drivers?

A. A. On the Windows 2000 CD is a folder \Printers\Fixprnsv which contains a utility fixprnsv.exe which can be used to either replace NT 4.0 printer drivers with the Windows 2000 equivalent, or replace NT 4.0 drivers that are known to have problems.

If ran with the /fix switch on an NT 4.0 machine Windows 2000 drivers will be installed allowing Windows 2000 clients to connect and use the print server. If ran on a Windows 2000 server then it will replace all non-NT 4 compatible printer drivers with compatible ones allowing NT 4 client access.

Running with the /diag switch just checks for incompatible drivers but does not replace any.

For full instructions see Knowledge Base article

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