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Hot Stuff - 06 May 2002

Products for your wired world


Connect with PC and Video Sources

Electrograph Systems DTS17V

Electrograph Systems released the Electrograph DTS17V, a 17" Thin Film Transistor (TFT) LCD flat-panel monitor that features both PC and video accessibility, a built-in 181-channel TV tuner, a digital zoom feature, built-in image scaling, dual PC inputs, soft-touch controls, and wireless remote access. The display is available in black, white, and silver.

The Electrograph DTS17V costs $1795. Contact Electrograph Systems at 800-776-5768 or

Catalog Your CD Collection

Base40 released CD Trustee, software that catalogs your music collection when you insert CDs into your PC. The software accesses an Internet database to gather the artist name, album title, song titles, and music genre. You can instantly print jewel-case inserts that contain the list of songs and spine text, and you can save and print album cover images.

CD Trustee costs $29.95. Contact Base40 at [email protected] or

Hide Your Stereo System

Phantom Sound announced an indoor and outdoor speaker system that features small, inconspicuous speakers with high-quality sound. The system includes an in-floor subwoofer that's concealed as a floor heat register, and two satellite speakers that are the same size as an electrical outlet box. The outdoor speakers are water- and heat-resistant.

For pricing, contact Phantom Sound at 513-759-4477 or

Access Your TV and PC

Princeton Graphics Systems released the Ai3.2HD, a 32" flat-screen, 4:3 ratio, multiscan CRT NTSC TV and computer monitor with Ch.1 technology, which lets users integrate Internet browsing and computer applications with High-Definition Television (HDTV). The display features multiple inputs, four aspect ratio presets, and multiple adjustable color temperature settings and is compatible with VGA, SVGA, and Extended Graphics Array (XGA) PC and Macintosh resolutions.

The Ai3.2HD includes an infrared (IR) combination remote control, keyboard, and mouse device and costs $3499. Contact Princeton Graphics Systems at 714-751-8405, 800-747-6249, or

Capture Detailed Images

Olympus Camedia E-20N

Olympus released the Camedia E-20N, a 5-megapixel digital camera that features a dual-mode image capture capability. The Interlaced Scan mode lets you set the 2/3" Red Green Blue Charge-Coupled Device (RGB CCD) for 5-megapixel resolution to capture images with detail for pictures as large as 11" x 14". The Progressive Scan mode, at 2.5-megapixel resolution, lets you take photographs of fast-action scenes.

The Camedia E-20N costs $1999. Contact Olympus at 888-553-4448 or

Eliminate TV Commercials

SONICblue released a new line of Go-Video Dual-Deck VCRs that let you copy TV programs, movies, and other video material and let you eliminate commercials and other nonprogramming material with a touch of a button.

SONICblue Go-Video Dual Deck VCR

You insert a tape in each deck, select the Automatic Commercial Free feature, and set the Dual-Deck VCR to record. When the VCR completes the recording, the Dual-Deck automatically marks each advertisement and makes a commercial-free copy on the second tape.

Prices for the SONICblue Go-Video Dual-Deck VCRs start at $249. Contact SONICblue at 408-588-8000 or

Dual-Use Digital Camera

Sys-Tech released the Ranger V-Cam 235, a digital camera that features dual-mode functions: You can use the camera to capture images or as a USB WebCam. The camera features 8MB of flash memory, an LCD status display, a self-timer, auto exposure, and a USB connection.

The Ranger V-Cam 235 costs $169 and includes a tripod. Contact Sys-Tech at [email protected] or

Compact Music Systems

Yamaha Electronics PianoCraft MCR

Yamaha Electronics released two new models in its PianoCraft series of Micro Component Systems: the MCR-E250 and MCR-E150. The MCR-E250 system consists of a receiver, a three-CD changer, and speakers. The MCR-E150 system consists of a combination receiver and single-disc CD player and speakers. The systems are available in gold- or silver-tone metal finishes.

The MCR-E250 costs $599, and the MCR-E150 costs $399. Contact Yamaha Electronics at 714-522-9105 or

Compress Video Files

Webcam released WebcamMail 2.0, software that uses Moving Pictures Experts Group (MPEG)-4 and Microsoft Windows Media Player (WMP) technology to compress video and audio files for easy transmission. The software features an 1800:1 compression ratio and can reduce a 60-second video file to 240KB so that it takes only 30 seconds or less to download when using a 56Kbps modem. The software also lets you import existing MPEG or AVI video files and convert the files to the WMP format.

WebcamMail 2.0 runs on Windows 2000, Windows Me, and Windows 98 systems and costs $24.95. Contact Webcam at [email protected] or

Home Theater

Build Your Own Home Theater

Build a Home Theater

Newnes Press released Build Your Own Home Theater, a book by Robert Wolenik and John J. Adams that covers digital technologies and how to tie them into a home theater system. The book provides information for the beginner to the experienced home theater owner.

Build Your Own Home Theater has 256 pages and costs $24.99. Contact Newnes Press at 800-366-2665, [email protected], or

Mobile & Wireless

Wireless Handheld Device

Audiovox Maestro

Audiovox released Maestro, a Pocket PC that features 32MB of SDRAM, 32MB of Flash ROM, and an Intel Strong ARM 206MHz processor. The unit also features a built-in CompactFlash (CF) card and Secure Digital (SD) card slots. When connected to an Audiovox CDM-9100 wireless phone, the Maestro provides complete Internet access without the need for an add-on modem or an additional wireless ISP.

You can purchase the Maestro through wireless carriers. Contact Audiovox at 631-231-7750, 800-229-1235, or

Wirelessly Access Corporate Information

Sierra Wireless announced AirCard wireless modems for Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 users. You can use PDAs equipped with an AirCard modem to connect to the Internet anytime, anywhere to securely access corporate information through a VPN.

Sierra Wireless AirCard

The AirCard wireless modem product line is available through Sprint PCS as part of its Wireless Web for Business suite of products and costs about $399. You can purchase various service plans. Contact Sierra Wireless at 604-231-1100 or

Home Controls

Control Home Components

ELAN Home Systems released the VIA! touch panel, a full-color LCD touch panel that you can use to control audio/video components, lighting, temperature, and security in your home. The 6.4" screen also lets you view video sources such as cable and satellite TV, DVD, and closed-circuit TV cameras. ELAN Home Systems also released the Z*600 Communications Controller, a unit that features in-home communications and control features that you can access by using your home's standard touch-tone telephones or that can be initiated automatically. The unit provides in-home communication features with whole-house paging, phone-to-phone intercom, two-way door station communications, and a caller on-hold function.

The VIA! touch panel costs $1695. For Z*600 pricing information, contact ELAN Home Systems at 859-269-7760 or

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