Highlight a document

Word's highlighter is just like the "real thing." You use it to mark up a document for reference and quick reading.

The highlight should be used for markup, not to create a background color. To create a background color, use the Shading tab of the Format → Borders and Shading command, or the Shading Color button on the Tables and Borders toolbar.

To highlight text:

  1. Select the text.
  2. Click the Highlight button to highlight using the color displayed on the button.




  1. Click the Highlight button.
  2. Select text.

To change the color of the highlight

  • Click the drop-down arrow on the Highlight button and select a color from the drop-down menu.
  • To remove highlighting, select text and choose None as the Highlight color.
  • To remove all highlighting in a document, press Ctrl+A (Select All) then click the Highlight button and choose None.

Once you have highlighted text, you can navigate document by browsing for the next or previous highlight.

  1. Choose Edit ? Find.
  2. Click the Format button and choose Highlight.

    If you don't see the Format button, click the More button to expand the bottom part of the dialog box.

  3. Click Find Next.

    You can also click the Find Next or Find Previous button at the bottom of the vertical scrollbar.


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