High-Availability Solution - 14 Sep 2004

Emergent OnLine eContinuity faced stiff competition from some major players in the market but managed to collect close to 20 percent of the vote to take this year's prize for Best High-Availability Solution.

eContinuity encompasses a variety of business continuity services and solutions that offer organizations uninterrupted operations for employees, customers, suppliers, and business partners. eContinuity services protect crucial information and applications, provide dependable and secure Web access to essential business resources, and let users operate in a virtual workplace with any device over any connection. eContinuity services can fit into the budget of most organizations, especially small and midsized firms that otherwise couldn't afford to implement effective disaster-recovery and business-continuity solutions. According to one survey respondent, eContinuity is "the best value proposition" for high-availability solutions.

Emergent OnLine
703-709-9210 or 877-365-8446
2nd Place — VERITAS Cluster Server
VERITAS Software
http: www.veritas.com
3rd Place — HP OpenView Operations for Windows
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