Headers and footers

To edit headers or footers:

  • Choose View → Header and Footer.


    Double-click a header or footer.

The Headers and Footers toolbar appears.

Header and Footer toolbar

  • Use the Switch Between Header and Footer button to jump from the header to the footer and back. Switch Between Header and Footer
  • Use the Show Previous and Show Next buttons to navigate between the headers and footers of each section. Show Previous and Show Next buttons

Once you are in a header or footer, other buttons on the Header and Footer toolbar will allow you to add content.

  • Insert Page Number Insert Page Number
  • Insert Number of Pages Insert Number of Pages
  • Format Page Number Format Page Number
  • Insert Date Insert Date

    The field code that is inserted using this button is the Date code, which displays the current date, not the date when the document was created. You may want to choose Insert ? Field and select the Date and Time category to insert one of the other date fields, such as CreateDate or PrintDate.

  • Insert Time Insert Time
  • Insert AutoText

You can also add any other type of content into the header or footer: text, tables, pictures, etc. Format the header or footer just as you would format content in the body of the document.

Choose Insert ? Field to insert other useful information into the header or footer, such as filename, author name, etc. The Document Information category is particularly rich with fields that are used in headers and footers.
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