Grab the IT/Dev Connections Twitter Guide

Grab the IT/Dev Connections Twitter Guide

The IT/Dev Connections conference is quickly becoming the best community event on the planet. The event will be huge and provide excellent content, notable speakers, and opportunities to network and connect through community events. There are quite a few people who have attended this conference for many years. Some have taken a year or two off here and there, but all hanker to return.

Twitter has become a significant communication tool for the community and event organizers, so we've put together an official guide. Provided in PDF format, you can download and store on a mobile device to use as a reference during the event.

Grab the guide (PDF) here: IT/Dev Connections Twitter Guide (429.8k)  - This is a quick guide to help those Twitterers at IT/Dev Connections. It includes official hashtags, official event Twitter handles, and also Twitter handles for all the speakers.

P.S. There's still a little time left to register, if you haven't already. Register HERE.


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