Getting help - 30 Oct 2007

Microsoft Office Word 2003 includes greatly revised help functionality, sporting detailed, easy-to-understand instructions and numerous links to online resources including articles, samples, and training. All of this consolidated in the Help task pane.

If you are familiar with help content from earlier versions of Microsoft Office, or from other applications, you will be duly impressed by the help functions in Word 2003.

To get to help:

  • Click the Help button. Help button
  • Press F1.
  • Choose Help → Microsoft Office Word Help.

The Word Help task pane then appears.

Word Help task pane

In the Help task pane:

  • In the Search for box, enter a description of the task you are trying to accomplish, or other keywords. Then click the green Start Searching button. A list of resources that match your keywords will appear.

    Search Results task pane

    • If you are connected to the Internet, results will include resources on Microsoft's web site, including articles, templates, samples, and training.
    • Click a link title to open that resource.
    • Click the table of contents path (e.g. Help > Pictures) to see all resources in that category.
  • To narrow the scope of your search, make a selection in the drop-down list in the Search section at the bottom of the task pane.

When you open a help topic, it opens in a separate window and, by default, the Word window will adjust so that you can see the help window and the Word window at the same time. This will help you to read the help content and perform the task at the same time. You can also print the help topic.

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