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Free educational resources from Windows IT Pro

With the economic climate as cold as the US has experience recently, we're trying to squeeze all we can
out of the money we work so hard to earn—or, for some, work pretty hard to earn. There’s no such thing
as a free lunch, but with these resources from Windows IT Pro, you can still feed your mind at no cost.

Exchange Storage Ins and Outs,” Technical Advisor:
Technical Advisors are quick-reference guides written by Windows IT Pro experts. In this Technical
Advisor, Tom Clark, Paul Robichaux, and Alan Sugano demystify server storage options and help you
determine which solution is best for your situation.

Tracking Changes in the Modern Windows-centric Regulatory Environment,” web seminar: Ensure that your Microsoft-centric networks are up to the challenges of monitoring and change management. This web seminar covers shared requirements
between network operations/compliance and monitoring/change management; drivers for accurate,
complete monitoring and change management; monitoring as a vital aspect of day-to-day operations
and compliance scenarios; and challenges with the native tools in Microsoft-centric networks.

Recession Proof Your Business Email” white paper:
Learn how to maintain robust email capabilities, while reducing costs in a way not seen in the industry
since email became the critical business tool it is today. In this white paper, Osterman Research covers
the key challenges of email management and discusses how outsourcing may be the best way for an
organization to leverage its IT dollars in 2009 and beyond.

Backup Lifecycle Management for Remote Offices” podcast:
Join David Chernicoff as he leads a discussion about managing the information lifecycle. Find out about
the efficiencies of applying backup lifecycle management to an effective remote offsite backup solution,
using the key components of the strategy, and nearline and offline storage.

Business Process Automation: Managing Cost in Your Enterprise” eBook: Make your enterprise more efficient with this
eBook’s solid foundation on the basics of business process automation, a look at the way BPA tools
work, and how they can be utilized to benefit both IT and overall business efficiencies. Learn where BPA
can fit into your existing business process model, how BPA differs from other basic scripting and
scheduling techniques, and what benefits your business model can derive from implementing a BPA

To find more resources like these, you can contact me for a nominal fee at
[email protected].

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