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Free Tool of the Week: Save Time Enabling SNMP

SolarWindsSNMP SolarWinds has a proud history of designing helpful free tools for systems administrators, and the company has released a new one called SNMP Enabler for Windows. This tool joins the following tools in the company’s application-management "free tool" line-up,

SNMP Enabler for Windows makes it easy to quickly install, enable, and configure SNMP on Windows servers and workstations. When deploying a new monitoring or management application, many admins have to enable and configure SNMP on all of the machines they manage. SNMP Enabler for Windows lets you automate this process by remotely installing and configuring SNMP on multiple devices at once, saving the countless hours it would take to install it on each machine manually.

SNMP Enabler for Windows highlights:

  • Remotely install, enable and configure SNMP on any Windows server or workstation on a network
  • Simultaneously enable SNMP on multiple machines
  • Save time when deploying applications requiring SNMP


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