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Free Tool of the Week: MailWasher

MailWasher Here's a free email app that provides a simple, effective way to manage your incoming email and stop spam. Essentially letting you check and manage your email before you download it, MailWasher is non-expiring and works with Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, GMail, Hotmail, Incredimail, Thunderbird—you name it. MailWasher is a remarkably safe way to stop unwanted email before it even has a chance to infect your computer.

It's a great feeling to turn the tables and fool spammers into thinking they've reached an invalid address. And once MailWasher has achieved that, you can add bounced senders to a blacklist that automatically bounces all future spam attempts.

Here are more of MailWasher's features and benefits:

  • Preview—Easily preview messages to see what the sender has to say before downloading it to your computer. This ensures you won't download anything nasty. Additionally, spam is marked in red and good email in green for quick analysis.
  • Delete—Delete unwanted messages before you download to your computer. You'll be able to see who the email is from, the subject, and the attachment. This will enable you to stop viruses, prevent large attachments, or to just delete unnecessary emails from getting to your computer.
  • Anti spam tools—MailWasher's comprehensive anti-spam tools include personal friends lists and blacklists, customizable filters, external blacklists, bayesian spam filtering (which quickly learns to distinguish your spam and good email), and email virus filtering.
  • Recycle bin—If you accidentally delete a message, you can restore it back to your email account.
  • Simplicity—There are no flashy gimmicks, and it's easy to use. It has the familiar look and feel of Outlook Express.

Learn more at the MailWasher website.

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