Format shapes

The Drawing toolbar has a number of Format command shortcuts, including tools to control lines, fills, font color, line style, dash style, and arrow style. There are also powerful tools for producing shadow effects and 3-D transformations. Finally, there is a free rotate tool and a powerful Draw menu.

Drawing toolbar and Draw menu

You can access many of the commands on the Draw menu by right-clicking shapes you have drawn.

For precise control over the formatting of a shape, right-click the shape and choose the Format command that appears in the popup menu, such as Format AutoShape.

Double-clicking an object is a shortcut to right-clicking and choosing Format for most objects. The exceptions are usually embedded objects, in which case double-clicking activates the source application that was used to create the object, and you then utilize that program's formatting capabilities.

To fill an object with a gradient, pattern, texture, or picture, do one of the following:

  • Click the drop-down arrow on the Fill Color button on the Drawing toolbar and choose Fill Effects.
  • Choose the Format command for the object or shape and, on the Colors and Lines tab, click the drop-down arrow on the Fill Color box and choose Fill Effects.


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