Format an organization chart and individual shapes

The easiest way to change the look of an organization chart is to use AutoFormat:

  • To enable or disable AutoFormat, right-click the chart and choose Use AutoFormat.

When AutoFormat is enabled, you can quickly change the look of your organization chart:

  • Click the Autoformat button in the Organization Chart toolbar to see a gallery of style choices. Organization Chart Autoformat

    Organization Chart Style Gallery

The colors of the organization chart will adhere to the color scheme of the presentation, by default.

To modify formatting (e.g. colors, lines) of individual shapes and connectors in your organization chart:

  1. Disable AutoFormat: right-click the chart and make sure Use AutoFormat is deselected.

    When AutoFormat is enabled, you can not modify the formatting (e.g. colors, lines) of the individual elements in your organization chart.  

  2. Right-click a shape or connector and choose the Format AutoShape command.
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