Font formatting - 30 Oct 2007

Word provides a number of shortcuts to commonly-used font formats. The first are the font buttons on the Formatting toolbar:

Make sure the tolls are visible by choosing View → Toolbars and checking Formatting.

font formatting buttons Font Color button
Font Size Bold Italic Underline Color

There are keyboard shortcuts to apply font formats as well:

  • CTRL+B, I, U turn Bold, Italic, Underline on and off.
  • Ctrl+Space to reset all font formats in the selected text to the format defined by the slide's master. In other words, Ctrl+Space "strips off" all directly-applied font formats.
If you want to learn more keyboard shortcuts for font formats, click the Help button and search using the phrase: keyboard shortcuts.

You can access all font format options in the Font dialog box.

Font dialog box

It is not recommended to select Default for new objects. Instead, change the font formatting for the appropriate placeholder on the slide master.

To apply font formats using the Font dialog box, do one of the following:

  • Right-click selected text and choose Font.
  • Choose Format ? Font.


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