Flip Your Script

Check out these Windows IT Pro resources to give your scripting life a boost

There’s nothing I like better than a “flipped script.” I’m good—actually great—at figuring out what is going to happen. I can read the clues in social situations, usually figure out what our organization’s corporate office will do next, and even deduce the ending of most any movie. So when someone comes along and surprises me, I have all that much more respect for them. And in a tough job market where you have to show that not only can you do the tasks you’re hired for but also anything else the company throws at you, it helps to have some skill surprises up your sleeve. Make sure your abilities don’t get pegged for less than they are: boost your skills with my favorite scripting resources: 

Active Directory Growth Tracker: A Script to Count Objects,” InstantDoc ID 101930: Keep an eye on specific AD areas for planning and forecasting with this script.

Utility Can Help Reduce UAC Headaches When Working with Scripts,” InstantDoc ID 101460: Run .vbs and .js scripts under administrative privileges with just a few clicks.

Scripting on a Cluster,” InstantDoc ID 101466: Find out what happens as Jim Turner works to avoid long run time and network traffic by running a .cmd script locally on each cluster node.

Features of PowerGUI Script Editor,” InstantDoc ID 100758: Learn how to put a GUI face on your Windows PowerShell scripting, plus what Michael Otey loves best about the tool, with his Top 10.

Scripting Utilities to Keep Tabs on Your Printers,” InstantDoc ID 101483: Keep an information history on your printers and track changes to help troubleshoot with these two scripts.

Moving from Command Shell Scripting to PowerShell,” InstantDoc ID 100796: Michael Otey shares his experience and learning curve when shifting to PowerShell.

Free Utility Lets You Retrieve a Little or a Lot of Inventory Information,” InstantDoc ID 100461: Get through an inventory task just how you need to with this utility.

PowerShell 101 and 201 eLearning series: Get the lowdown on PowerShell with Paul Robichaux’s online eLearning series about PowerShell basics—available on demand at windowsitpro.com/go/PowerShell101 and windowsitpro.com/go/PowerShell201.

asp.netPRO magazine: If your interest lies in ASP.NET code, check out our newest addition to the Windows IT Pro family—complete with ready-to-run code and pages—at aspnetpro.net!

To step outside your comfort zone and into your can-do zone, check out other hot topics that aren’t your specialty and beginner how-tos on windowsitpro.com. Who knows? You might just surprise yourself.


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