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An Enterprise Guide to Quantum Computing Getty Images

An Enterprise Guide to Quantum Computing

This report delves into what quantum computing is, the terminology surrounding it and the many potential ways in which it could transform the enterprise.

For the last few years, the CEOs of big tech companies have been dropping mentions of quantum computing – "it'll transform an industry already in the throes of a digital transformation," "it's the next stage of computing," "it's the future."

But why? And how?

Quantum computing promises to solve three problems that are bedeviling enterprise computing across all industry sectors:

  1. How to store and retrieve increasingly large volumes of data.
  2. How to use increasingly complex data sets to create increasingly complex models to solve complex problems.
  3. How to do both of the above in a human timespan and not a geologic one.

Because quantum computing relies on principles of quantum physics that could increase the capacity of data storage by an exponential amount and speed up processing by an equally dazzling scale, if it becomes a mainstream enterprise technology, it could transform how entire industries work – and the time frames in which they work.

This report covers:

  • How Quantum Computing Works
  • Why You Should Pay Attention Now
  • How Quantum Computing Might Be Used in the Enterprise
  • Glossary of Quantum Computing Terms
  • A Conversation with Julie Love, Senior Director of Quantum Computing at Microsoft