Embed an Excel worksheet in a Word document - 30 Oct 2007

To embed an empty Excel worksheet:

  1. Click the Insert Microsoft Excel Worksheet button. Insert Microsoft Excel Worksheet
  2. Drag to select the number of columns and rows you want.

Word creates an embedded Excel worksheet.

  • Double-click the Excel worksheet to activate it and make changes. You are then working 'in' Excel and can use Excels menus and toolbars to leverage the full functionality of Excel.
  • Click outside the Excel worksheet when you are finished making changes. The object is then de-activated and you are returned to Word.
If you need tables with numbers, particularly tables that do any kind of mathematical calculations, use an embedded Excel worksheet rather than trying to manipulate Word's text-based tables.

You can also embed an Excel worksheet that you created in Excel.

  1. Select the worksheet in Excel.
  2. Choose Edit → Copy.
  3. Position the insertion point in the Word document where you want the Excel worksheet to appear.
  4. Choose Edit ? Paste Special (not Paste).
  5. Select the option Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object.
  6. Click OK.
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