Edit a macro

  1. Choose Tools → Macro ? Macros.
  2. In the Macros dialog box, select the macro and click Edit.

This opens the macro in the Visual Basic for Applications Editor (VBE).

  • The macro is a subroutine, that starts at Sub and ends at End Sub.
  • Lines starting with an apostrophe are comments.
  • Many commands will be fairly understandable as they will use names similar to Word commands.

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), the language in which macros are created, is fairly complicated. However, if you recorded a macro and it is not doing exactly what you want, you can attempt to interpret the subroutine and make changes.

  • Always test macros with test documents before applying them to important documents.
  • Microsoft's web site has numerous resources on developing with Visual Basic for Applications.
  • Microsoft Office includes extensive online help for VBA.
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