The Dummies Guide to the Microsoft Volume Licensing Center

The Dummies Guide to the Microsoft Volume Licensing Center


Microsoft has released a new guide covering the end-user aspects of the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service (VLSC). The guide, chock full of screen captures, info balloons, and a glossary is the quick way to understanding how to work with the VLSC web site.

Basically, if you can't figure out the VLSC web site using this guide, you might want to consider offloading the task to someone who can – like, maybe, the 80 year old intern that just started as the cafeteria's food tray janitor.

Seriously. Here's an example of a page covering the Add New User interface:

The guide is 67 pages long and contains the following main topic areas:

  • Overview of the Volume Licensing Service Center
  • About Administration Tasks on the VLSC
  • Viewing License Summary and Relationship Summary Information
  • Using the Downloads and Keys Page
  • Using the Subscriptions Page
  • About Microsoft Software Assurance for Volume Licensing
  • Creating and Managing Online Service License Reservations
  • Getting Help
  • Appendix A – Signing up for a Microsoft Account
  • Appendix B – Glossary

You can download the guide from here: Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) User Guide

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