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Does Windows NT/2000 support USB?

A. A. Universal Serial Bus is the new external bus standard for the connection of PC peripherals. The idea behind USB is it will be plug and play and as devices are connected they will automatically be detected and installed.

Windows NT 4.0 does not provide built in USB support, you will need to wait for Windows 2000 or switch to Windows 98. Some boxes convert the USB devices into serial ports.

Inside Out has produced USB cards and hubs for NT 4.0, see although these are limited. has announced they are developing a Windows NT 4.0 USB driver:

"Hello Everybody,

We at Larsen and Toubro Information Technology Limited,India are glad to inform that we have developed basic USB support for Windows NT 4.0. This has been tested with a USB Joystick.

This comes as a GREAT relief to all those who have been frantically searching for USB support on Windows NT 4.0. So here we are, ready and more than happy to help you enhance the capabilities of your USB devices which can range from scanners (HP, etc), Cameras, keyboard, mouse, etc for Windows NT 4.0.

Since we are conversant with USB, we can develop USB device drivers for other operating systems also."

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