DNS Resources

Microsoft and several third parties offer products that let you provide a DNS service on a Windows NT server. Some products listed below support dynamic DNS (DDNS), which lets you dynamically update the DNS entries in environments that assign host IP addresses dynamically. The following products take advantage of NT's GUI, and I've listed a URL where you can get information about each product.

  • BIND for NT is a freeware port of Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) to NT (and several other OSs) from Software.com (http://www.software.com/products/bindnt.html).
  • DNS Pro is a BIND-compatible DNS from FBLI Software (http://www.fbli.com/english/dnspro.htm).
  • Meta DNS is another port of BIND, from Check Point Software Technologies (http://www.metainfo.com/products/metadns.cfm).
  • Microsoft DNS Service comes standard with NT and is a Microsoft-developed version of DNS software, not a port of BIND (http://www.microsoft.com/ntserver/nts/deployment/planguide/dnswp.asp).
  • NetID 4.1 DNS Server is an IP address management tool from Nortel that includes support for DNS and DDNS (http://www.nortelnetworks.com/link/netid_4.1).
  • NetID 1500 DNS Server provides similar functionality as a part of Nortel Networks Adaptive Networking IP Services (http://www.nortelnetworks.com/link/netid_1500).
  • QIP Enterprise 5.0 from Lucent Technologies is a platform that lets you manage IP services across enterprisewide networks. QIP includes a DDNS server that is a port of BIND (http://www.lucent.com/ins/products/qip/qip_c.html).
  • Shadow IPmanager for Windows, part of Network TeleSystems' remote management suite, manages DNS and DDNS databases (http://www.networktelesystems.com/products/remotemgmt.html).
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